10 Best Buffy The Vampire Slayer Episodes

I'm a Buffphile for sure so here are my picks for the ten best episodes of all 7 seasons. I will try to put them in chronological order.
  1. Prophecy Girl: Season 1 -
    Buffy may die but she becomes a warrior!
  2. Surprise: Season 2
    Buffy and Angel make love and he pays the ultimate price.
  3. Becoming Part One and Two: Season 2
    I know it's a cheat to put two together but I see it as a one episode. Angels back story and a heart wrenching Goodbye.
  4. The Prom: Season 3
    One of the lighter sides of Buffy. She gets recognized for her sacrifices and a surprise date.
  5. Hush: Season 4
    An episode with almost no dialog? This Emmy winning episode helped TV expectations evolve!
  6. The Body: Season 5
    An episode played in real time shows the Slayer (constantly surrounded by horror) can be horrified. Masterpiece. Almost worth the loss of Joyce... almost.
  7. The Gift: Season 5
    Brilliant, suspenseful and heart breaking. We watch the Slayer make the ultimate sacrifice. "The hardest part about this world is living in it."
  8. Once More With Feeling: Season 6
    Revolutionizing television Joss Whedon and Christophe Beck create a musical episode. On paper it sounds insane, in motion it's in a word, delightful. Still love show ending kiss.
  9. Tabula Rosa: Season 6
    As Willow's obsession with her powers escalates it starts to affect the Scooby Gang. Everything comes to a head. As Tara packs we hear Michelle Branch singing "Goodbye To You". Still one of my favorite songs to this day.
  10. Grave: Season 6
    Willow has gone batty and in a beautiful, unexpected twist Xander saves the day.
  11. Honorable Mentions: Crash, Chosen and Normal Again