Top 10 SNL Skits Of All Time

My first list and I'm starting tough... I'm sure this will be highly debatable but in my humble opinion...
  1. Matt Foley: Down By The River Hosted By: Christina Applegate The world and sadly this family is introduced to a maniac!
  2. Colonel Angus: Written by the brilliant Tina Fey the Colonel Angus sketch is the height of double entendre humor. "Colonel Angus it's so nice to see your shinning face." God bless Christopher Walken.
  3. Schweddy Balls: If you listen to it as if it were on the radio, it quadruples in humor. Alec Baldwin is brilliant and Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon play to perfection. "Ladies, my balls are here for your pleasure."
  4. Chippendale Skit: Chris Farley gives the epitome of physical comedy. Patrick Swayze plays the earnest competitor to perfection. I remember where I was the first time I saw this. How much comedy can you say about that?
  5. Racist Word Association Interview: Pryor and Chevy are at their best. "Dead honky!"
  6. More Cowbell: A skit on paper that never should never have worked... anhillated!! Between Walken's bizarre affect and Farrell picking the two sizes too small top before going live... it's genius! Again Thank God for Christopher Walken.
  7. Dick In A Box: I could literally pick almost ANY Digital Short but this put Sandberg, Lonely Island and Timberlake on the map as comic gods!
  8. Dissing Your Dog, Dog Training Video: Yes, there are thousands of commercials to pick through but nothing tops this for me. Holds a mirror to dog owners everywhere and the relection is painful. "Keep in mind you're an effing dog"
  9. Buckweat Sings: Couldn't create this list without an Eddie Murphy skit. That's a hard choice to make but I love Buckwheat sings. "Wookin pa nub in awl da wong paces."
  10. Lawrence Welk Show: Kristin Wiig at her most inspired. "I like chasing cars".