1. Heed the first alarm to wake up, but ignore it.
  2. Upon the third time the tone chimes, sit up and lumber, eyes closed, into the shower.
  3. Still asleep, eat a disproportionately large breakfast.
  4. Try to work out... To no avail.
  5. Slowly saunter to and from my classes.
  6. Eat a mind-blowingly massive lunch.
  7. Go to track practice to develop more inside jokes amongst my team members.
  8. Eat again... I have a problem.
  9. Look at a lap top screen and its over encumbered list of tabs, each one equally important to me making any single one impossible to delete.
  10. Check social media until my eyes can stand no more the selfies and stereotypes posted by the thousands daily. I will remain on social media until I fall asle........😑💤