I have no idea what I'm doing right now
  1. Whenever I try to play a sport
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  2. When the world feels like it's crushing me
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  3. When I'm going to a Lana concert
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  4. I'm 25 but still have my childhood bear
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  5. Me every morning, day, and night
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  6. When nap time is over
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  7. When my body Dysmorphia starts acting up
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  8. Whenever I try to shave my legs
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  9. Me after going overboard at the waxing salon
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  10. Whenever I go to a party
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  11. When @natasha and I get into fist fights it looks like this
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  12. At the club
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  13. Watching Friends
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  14. Right now on xanax at the end of the day
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