Requested by @natasha
  1. When she was a toddler she would wake up every morning and say "where's bara?"
  2. She gets me (e.g recent obsession with the word "besmirched")
  3. Shares some of my dope genes. Also shares some of my less dope genes. Also let's me wear her jeans.
  4. Spends too much money on clothes and then one year later gives them to me.
  5. Always let's me be the slightly skinnier sister.
    None of you knew us when she was anorexic looking and I was in a pizza/pretzel/cookie phase.
  6. Is the perfect travel companion
    We coordinate our drug use so we stay on the same level throughout a flight.
  7. When she's on just a tiny bit of Xanax she becomes the most enjoyable person ever.
    She's great sober but Xanax makes her literally the most delightful person to be around. You have no idea how fun she is to be around during this time.
  8. She let me name our dog. Both our dogs actually.
  9. She came to see me graduate in vermont, where it was -10 degrees.
  10. During my graduation ceremony she made weird faces at me and made me feel less nervous.
  11. I've owed her this list for over a month and she hasn't bugged me about it.