Inspired by @carolineschwartz I thought I had done this already but I never did!
  1. Space mountain
    Spiritual enlightenment in a ride.
  2. Indiana jones
    As I said to @onlinealison and @natasha , it has the thrill of space mountain and the artistry of pirates of the Caribbean.
  3. Matterhorn
    So dope. Bobsledding? Amazing. An abominable snowman will attack. If you pay close attention, you will see a tiny version of this same abominable snowman standing INSIDE the popcorn stand just outside the ride. I've been to Disneyland too many times, one could say. If you're on this ride with a guy you have a crush on you are in for a real good time. Recommendation: birth control. (If you haven't been on this ride then you have no idea what I mean but that sucks for you. Not my problem.)
  4. Thunder mountain
    Someone died on this once. Still a flawless ride. You can get some TERRIBLE mexican food right after next door. (Recommendation: don't.).
  5. Peter Pan
    You fly over LONDON. Wtf. Swoon.
  6. Pirates
    Take a wench for a bride. Only two drops but they're dope.
  7. Mr toad's wild ride
    First time I went on this I was LEGITIMATELY frightened. Tell me another ride where a judge sentences you to hell. That's right, there aren't any.