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  1. The Canals
    Modeled after the canals of Venice Italy. Romantic and heavenly. Raise your hand if you've never been and I will take you there.
  2. Abbot Kinney
    Growing up this street was too dangerous to go to. Now it is strictly for basic bitches only. Every time I go to Abbot Kinney it has taken big strides towards total and complete white washing. It thinks it's hip. You're not hip abbot Kinney I fucking miss tortilla grill.
  3. Bars
    The Brig, Roosterfish (gay dive bar. Still v real).
  4. Cafes
    Abbot's Habit. Standing strong in the face of rampant gentrification. History: when I was two years old I slammed my fingers in their piano. I bet that hurt. Also they used to have these rice Krispy treats that were half dipped in chocolate. Jesus I miss my childhood. Stupid cafes: inteligentsia and zinque.
  5. Stores
    Idk are you a millionaire? If not you can't shop here anymore. If you are (hi, millionaires!) then get some boots at Fiorentini and Baker, or a $200 t shirt at Koko. Or handmade shoes from Japan at Waraku. @natasha suggestions?
  6. Local celebs
    Mel Brooks, John Slaterry, sometimes Natalie Portman.... @natasha others?
  7. Crack
    You can still get crack on the corner of California and like 7th I think. But you didn't hear it from me.