1. Los Angeles has literally no chill
  2. I don't have air conditioning in my apartment
    My landlord claims he told me this but honestly I don't think he did because why would I sign the lease if I had that info?!
  3. Im not able to sleep in the heat, so now I've had two sleepless nights in a row
  4. And I can't nap because it's still hot as hell
  5. My boyfriend suggested I take a train down to San Diego where he is currently at his ex wife's fully air conditioned house helping his six year old get ready for a taylor swift show.
  6. Im so desperate for somewhere cool to nap that I bought myself a ticket
  7. My train is at 3pm, but I had to get out of my house before I died of heat stroke
  8. So I came to union station early, figuring I could nap while waiting for my train
  9. But guess what, union station is not air conditioned
  10. So now I am DOWNTOWN in a TRAIN STATION with NO AIRCONDITIONING until 3pm.
  11. Oh and I left my xanax at home
  12. It was nice knowing you all, it really was.
  13. ✌️