The latent personalities/characters that exist and battle each other in my soul
  1. Sara McGregor
    Pristine, waspy, wears Ralph Lauren polo shirts and plays tennis at a country club. Has a fiancé, planning to have two kids and live in a classy, sophisticated version of suburbia, maybe even in Toronto, which is where she comes from. Doesn't make a lot of mistakes but when she does she doesn't take it too seriously. Highly educated but perfectly happy with her fate as a housewife.
  2. Kiley Asylum
    Suicide girl, has lots of tattoos and piercings, drives a vintage mustang convertible. She is a wreck. In a good way. One of her tattoos says "ride or die." Blindly confident but deeply insecure, probably due to childhood trauma. Looooves wine and weed. Dyes her hair periodically--black, pink, purple, platinum. Fearless. Bad news. Damaged. Goes with the flow, thinks she's invincible. Probably has a webcam.
  3. There are a whole bunch of other ones that I haven't defined yet. Stay tuned for updates on my psychological journey.