1. Miami was a type of place that all adults had belonging to them.
    "I'm going to my ami"...I would hear this and assume the adult speaking was going to his or her ami. What was an ami? Hard to say. Then a kid in my preschool said he was going to Miami and I thought that can't be right, he's just a kid, how does he have his own ami? So I decided to investigate.
  2. The moon changes its shape over the month.
    I thought it literally grew and shrunk in matter, not yet knowing that the earth's shadow effects our perception of its size.
  3. Dr Cohen from the Madeline books and Leonard Cohen were the same person.
    I thought my parents were listening to music written and performed by the dr in Madeline.
  4. Once you are drunk, you stay drunk forever.
    I saw a woman stagger across the street and drop a bottle of wine. My mom explained that she was drunk and I was so scared for her that this was going to be her life from now on.