1. The Mail Chimp ad in the beginning of each episode
  2. The word "besmirched"
  3. There is a man who exposes himself to ongoing traffic as a hobby.
  4. The name "Asia McClane"
  5. The fact that everyone has to go to the library to check their email
  6. Adnan loves prison
  7. "Pinged" cell phone towers
  8. Leakin park is pronounced Lincoln park
  9. If you go to bury a body at leakin park you're going to find someone else's dead body.
  10. Everyone on the jury either is related to a convicted felon or has a relative who was the victim of a convicted felon
  11. "Kathy" is apparently an android and a chain smoker.
  12. Did I already say besmirched?
  13. Hay min lee was the manager of the boys wrestling team