Prove me wrong!!!
  1. Nobody actually ever dies.
    The government tells us we die one day but really at a certain point they choose when to kidnap us and store is in an underground facility or island where we just chill for eternity. Motive: if we knew we lived forever we would just be like "fuck it" and never get anything done.
  2. Celebrity couples never actually get divorced.
    Tabloids make this up to sell magazines. Angelina and Billy Bob are still together.
  3. Top sheets were created by Bed Bath and Beyond as a way to trick you into giving them more money.
    Brilliant: make people think they need an extra piece of fabric in addition to all the pieces of fabric they already have on their beds.
  4. Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus are the same person.
  5. The olsen twins are really four people.
    This one is from Kimmy Shmidt but I think it's genius. When they played one person they were actually two people, now that they're openly two people they must really be four.