1. My 16yo cousin is visiting. God save me.
  2. I want him to think I'm cool! Where are some places I should take him?
  3. Fairfax + Melrose Trading Post
    All the skater shit and the Odd Future store and breakfast burritos at Cofax and choice people-watching.
    Suggested by @tothemaxxx
  4. In N Out
    Suggested by @LevNovak
  5. Museum of Jurassic Technology
    Because it's awesome
    Suggested by @evanp
  6. Tommy's
    Because chili
    Suggested by @evanp
  7. The beach
    Any beach. That's why you come visit family in SoCal.
    Suggested by @evanp
  8. LACMA
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    Cool at night.
    Suggested by @mianguyen
  9. Venice Boardwalk
    Walk by and casually point out the snap chat headquarters
    Suggested by @lexzie
  10. UCB show. Cemetery movie. Six Flags.
    Suggested by @fisackerly
  11. Amoeba and then Arclight
    Kill some time buying vinyl (cool again) and then a movie which kills a full 2 hours!!
    Suggested by @ellenetten
  12. Runyon
    Guaranteed to run into a C or D list celeb, great view of the Hollywood sign, and it's exercise which is cool and a good way to tire someone?
    Suggested by @stamos