1. Jewish holidays are coming up, am I jewish?!
  2. Is my name Zara? Is it Z? Should I put the H back in there? Literally, who am I?
  3. Do I want to go into slut overdrive rn or be celibate? No healthy medium for me. Ever.
  4. Am I an alcoholic? Someone please tell me.
  5. Do I like The Goodwife?
  6. Am I the kind of person who wears Polo shirts or am I the kind of person who dyes her own hair purple? I can't be both! Can I?
  7. Do I even like Lana Del Rey anymore?
    I mean yes, I will forever, but this is a real and serious identity crisis, okay?
  8. Am I fat or skinny? I still have no idea and it's been this way since I was 12.
  9. I am NOT someone with big boobs, and yet I have them. I don't feel like I belong in a body with big boobs.
    Note to self: mention this in therapy maybe
  10. What is my last name? No one really knows. I don't really know.
  11. Is Gone Girl the book that impresses me most? If so, how did this happen?
  12. Heh this list is making me anxious.
  13. All I know: I love Bojack Horseman.