Hey T, it's me, Z. If you could write a letter about the following that would be great:
  1. There should be a law preventing Los Angeles from getting hotter than 75 degrees.
  2. Tying your dog up outside a restaurant should be against the law.
  3. Netflix should stream shows that are currently on the air.
  4. Water should cost less.
  5. The season finale of Orange is the New Black season three should be rewritten and re-filmed.
  6. The ocean should go all the way around LA so that there's an east side beach too.
    But LA wouldn't be an island, it would be connected to California on the north and south side.
  7. Rite Aid should sell AC filters.
  8. There should be an app where you walk into a store and it tells you the location of the item you're looking for.
  9. My internet connection should be faster.
  10. John Green shouldn't be a successful writer.
    @bjnovak @dev please let me know as soon as he is on here so I can delete this.
  11. Lana del rey should be doing more LA shows.
  12. There should be a Baja Fresh walking distance from my house, not just a chipotle.