Don't care about Halloweentown sorry I'm not sorry.
  1. Zenon, girl of the 21st century
    They lived in a circular high rise that floated in space. Great outfits and even greater music (remember the rock show in space at the end? That guy was kind of hot).
  2. Stepsister from planet weird
    "I find you vapid and shallow." "Vapid and shallow people have feelings too, okay?!"
  3. Influenza the musical
    "We went to the moon in 1969. Not 1968 but the year after." Wow.
  4. Zenon the zequel
    So many Zs
  5. Phantom of the megaplex
    The opera is just so last century.
  6. Quints
    A girl thinks she's going to have a baby brother or sister but ends up getting 5!!
  7. Motorcrossed
    First ever Disney channel original gender studies movie. Cute girl has to pose as a boy if she wants to compete in a motor cross competition. She has a crush on a competitor but he doesn't know she's a girl!
  8. Double teamed
    A great name for a children's movie.
  9. Cadet Kelly
    Hillary duff goes to military camp. Unclear why. Her outfit is pink camouflage.
  10. A ring of endless light
    Don't think I ever saw this one but it was a Madeleine L'engle book and misha Barton was in it so that's cool. I remember the promos.