1. The 16 hours it took my first puppy to get from Australia to LA.
    I was ten and my mom really needed our first dog to be hypoallergenic. At the time, you could only get a labradoodle from Australia.
  2. Sept 2008-Dec 2008
    The months I lived in Oakland, CA. The first time I voted for a president he won and I wasn't even happy about it because I was in Oakland.
  3. It's a Small World
    Someone explain the logic as to why disneyland chose to make this ride 15 mins long but space mountain is only 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  4. Wilshire blvd today.
    Which street should we shut down to make everyone talk about the Holocaust for one whole day?
  5. The 35 seconds it takes them to draw blood.
  6. Thanksgiving dinner.
  7. Passover.
  8. The time I ate two pieces of chocolate edibles and watched an episode of The Mindy Project.
    This show was the only thing to help me finally come down. #grateful
  9. Whenever my boyfriend tries to make me watch Battlestar Gallactica
  10. Sports.
    Have you ever tried to watch a sport?? It takes forever.
  11. Valentine's Day
    On my best Valentine's Day I drove to vegas with someone I love. On my worst Valentine's Day I went to Ikea with someone I love. Both were eternities I thought would never end.