Requested by @sophia
Gonna go ahead and use this as an opportunity for some shameless self promotion. #shameless.
  1. The cool sleekness of it all
    How is it so sleek and so homey at the same time??
  2. Really sweet girls and women who were so nice and welcoming.
  3. Blaire taught me about sensationail at home gel kit.
    Her nails were on fleek so I'm going to trust this brand.
  4. Learning that today is international nap day. Don't have time for a nap today so I will now make sure to fit one in tomorrow to celebrate.
  5. Blaire said she loved my pretty little liars fan fiction.
    I would be lying if I said I was proud of this piece. But here you go:
  6. Gina said she liked my piece on song lyrics that sound like they make sense but actually don't.
    This one I am a little proud of//
  7. Lounging hard core on the couch.
  8. Kitchen catch up with @badgalriri
  9. Learning that I can read short stories at a Ucb giggles night and maybe even host my own night in August?? Yes please.
  10. Popcorn
  11. @badgalriri gave me her venti iced green tea! This is my drink!