In the order in which they happened
  1. Cocaine
    I was 14 and in a classmate's basement. She was dating a guy I was "in love with" and I thought maybe it would get back to him that I was really badass or something. It was a tiny line but made me feel really powerful. There were Nirvana lyrics written on the basement walls in sharpie.
  2. Marijuana
    I was 15 and towards the end of my year long recovery from that one time my parents found out I tried cocaine three times and banned me from social activity (tbh my dad didn't care but wasn't going to argue with my mom)...Went to a party and smoked pot with @anda ...nothing happened.
  3. Shrooms
    I was 17. Was still in love with that guy who I thought would be impressed by me doing coke with his girlfriend (he wasn't) and he wanted to do shrooms with me (score) so we ate shrooms and sat in my backyard. He took too much and sat motionless in a lawn chair for three hours before falling asleep. I went inside and watched the curtains turn into a waterfall. The flowers on the curtains were visibly inhaling and exhaling.
  4. OxyContin
    17. Had my wisdom teeth removed. When I woke up from surgery my mom asked me how I felt. I looked around the room which was golden and glowing and warm and I said "this is the best day of my life." Blacked out in the elevator. Spent the next three weeks popping oxy and writing eerily good poetry.
  5. Adderall
    In college I worked at the library and this kid gave me some to help me study for an Ancient Greek final exam. I passed the exam and also gave a fantastic presentation on the portrayal of Jesus Christ in artwork throughout history. This was the beginning of my loving feelings towards Jesus.
  6. Ecstasy
    Was 22. At Drais (that bar on top of the W hotel) with my boss at the time and his girlfriend at the time. Felt euphoric and racy for 15 minutes and then got overwhelmed by the blueness of the pool and my boss at the time got a car to take me home.
  7. Xanax
    The best drug there is! Will never forget the first time I tried Xanax. It was my first semester of college and I was at art school in San Francisco. This was the pinnacle of my anxiety. My psychiatrist prescribed me Xanax and I walked around Berkeley as it kicked in. I had the sudden feeling that everything was going to be okay and that I could even fly to Africa without being anxious if I wanted to. Was no longer concerned that my boyfriend might accidentally fall into another dimension.