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  1. Aline
    My freshman year I ended up having three roommates. I was first put with Aline and Kate in a 3 person room. On our first night, Aline took LSD and told me about the sex tape she found of her mom and step dad choking each other. She is now married to a 75 year old man and seems to be involved in a cult.
  2. Kate
    Obsessed with vampires and anime. Asked us to call her "Kit Kat". Told everyone I snore, which I don't think I do.
  3. Emma
    I didn't like these people or this building, so I asked to be moved to the main building where everyone else was. They put me with a girl named Emma, who was severely anorexic and also discovering sex for the first time, so this heavy metal punk rocker was always around. He didn't shower. She was the messiest person ever. She would eat half an apple and then leave it in her bed and forget about it for days. Overheard her telling these guys that her roommate was "really weird" NO YOURE WEIRD
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