1. Fox Hills Mall
    Constantly overcrowded, really loud, legitimately creepy old men leering in the food court, bizarre off brand stores that are so clearly covers for drug operations. Someone committed suicide here a few years ago.
  2. Hollywood Boulevard
    Club rats and tourists. Harsh energy. I don't like any part of this street.
  3. Universal Studios
    Every single ride with the exception of one is virtual reality (3D glasses), motion simulation insanity. The nausea and headaches are...memorable. The one ride that isn't like that is Jurassic Park where you plummet 84 feet at the end. Right before the plummet I felt a dread comparable to the moment I first realized I had to die one day no matter what. But hey that's just me. @hannah
  4. Abbot Kinney on First Fridays
    A charming street in Venice that becomes jam packed with mostly teenagers and tourists one night of the month. Impossible to walk through the crowds. Lines for bars that go down the street. Too many food trucks to choose from. Still looking to find whoever decided food could be sold out of trucks so I can yell at them.
  5. Saddle Ranch
    Margaritas the size of my head. Mechanical bull. Incessant Karaoke. Rowdy, misogynistic patrons. The fact that the music playing in the bar is DIFFERENT/separate from what people are choosing to do on karaoke would be funny if it weren't so excruciatingly unpleasant on the ears and overall nervous system.