1. Getting to see my sister talk with some of her favorite actors of all time. @natasha
  2. Running into @Goldie
    She introduced us to some very VIP people.
  3. Elizabeth Moss's blonde hair
    Looks so dope!
  4. @natasha calling her "Lizzie"
  5. When I had sex with Jon Hamm.
    In my dream later that night
  6. Chillin in a dope hotel room with @liana embarrassing myself beyond belief with a guitar.
  7. The final moment of the finale when I started sobbing and made friends with strangers who were also v emotional.
  8. Teeny tiny cheesecakes!
  9. Fred Savage can ACT. He can especially play Peter Campbell really well.
  10. Kiernan Shipka is a real life angel.
  11. So are Jessica Pare and Elizabeth Moss.
  12. Little Bobby Draper is a natural born player.
  13. Took a pic of @natasha with Jon Hamm and the flash went off so now he probably hates me. He is probably still thinking about me right this minute I bet.
  14. Thank you @richardrushfield for sending me on this surreal journey!