1. Beer-1998
    It was my 8th birthday, and also New Year's Eve. (Ok so it was 1997 but any minute it would be 1998). My dad let me have a sip of his beer and i dramatically pretended to fall over. My mom freaked out and thought one sip of beer had actually effected me.
  2. Wine and Coke
    Chanukah, 2003. I poured myself a glass of wine and didn't like the taste. I poured coke in it, thinking this would improve the situation. It did not. #13
  3. Sparks
    Who remembers sparks??? If you were hip in 2005 you drank sparks. It was basically vodka redbull and orange flavoring in a can. We would pick them up on the way to rocky horror, feel invincible for an hour. My relationship with sparks came to an end one day when I drank three and got naked in a park at 3am. Then thought I was going to die of alcohol poisoning. #15
  4. Appletinis
    I didn't really care about alcohol again until I was 19. I realized if I wanted to relax at a social gathering I would need a drink and started making myself appletinis and serving them to guests as a way to interact with people non-anxiously.
  5. Calypso
    What is a calypso, you ask? I wish I knew. Was wandering the streets of Paris with @hannah when we decided to stop for a drink. It was passion fruity and pineapple-y and for the next year I tried to crack the code alone in my bedroom but never figured it out.
  6. Passion Fruit and Gin
    Trying to make the perfect Calypso, I discovered passion fruit and gin. Don't try this at home.
  7. Jack and Coke
    When I was 20 I studied abroad in London and was legally allowed inside bars/pubs for the first time. One day during my internship at an art gallery I learned that my dog died and started crying. My boss said "go to the pub next door. Have a jack and coke." So I did. It was 11am. I liked what I tasted.
  8. Margaritas
    Back in la and now 21, I went back to making drinks for people at parties. After London, I perceived margaritas to be an ultra LA phenomenon so I decided to master this drink. One night I had like seven and let my friend hook up with my boyfriend before blacking out and then I was like nevermind no more margaritas.
  9. Makers Mark and Soda
    Tried to get back to the basics. This was an easy drink that bar tenders could always make. I was tired of ordering appletinis and being looked at like I was out of my mind.
  10. Makers mark, neat
    Once I learned what ordering a drink "neat" meant, I figured I should try it. I felt instantly proud that I was able to drink alcohol without a chaser and decided this could be my thing.
  11. The wonderful world of whiskey
    It turns out that whiskey tastes better as it gets older and more expensive. If anyone offered to buy me a drink I would then look at the oldest whiskey on the menu and order it. Realized I liked the smokier tasting ones.
  12. Scotch
    A guy I was dating taught me that scotch is actually just a Scottish and smokier version of whiskey. Bourbon is kind of sweeter and that is what makers mark is. Now it's all I drink. As a lightweight, this is really odd. Yes, scotch neat is an old man's drink --but I went through a lot to get here so let me do me thanks.
  13. Who wants to take me to Scotland??