1. I'll be driving and just think "those two apartments would NEVER be across from each other. They're completely different and one is ugly."
  2. Certain non important things stand out as glaringly, obviously awkward
    Phoebe is the only one who we never see in flash-back form. Both times we see fun bobby he's actually not fun.
  3. I can tell what season it is at first glance. Based on hair cuts and lighting.
  4. It's hard for me to fall asleep if it's not on in the background
  5. "It's like on friends when..." Is how I begin most of my sentences.
  6. "All the times Ross has been really fucked up" ...is just something I think about on a regular basis
    When he fell into a grave and had to be on pain meds. When he had rage issues and got sedatives. When Joey dates Rachel and he drinks multiple pitchers of margaritas and is "fine". Aka the one where Ross is fine.
  7. I've been using all six characters as role models.
  8. I had a dream that David Schwimmer approached me at a party and really politely/awkwardly asked me if I wanted to have sex with him. He gave me time to think about it. I thought about it and decided why not.
  9. I would fuck Matt Leblanc for sure.