Suggestions welcome
  1. Don't give a fuck.
    This is really just another way to say don't sweat the small stuff. In no way does this mean "don't care". CARE! Caring is the best. You just need to choose the right things to care about e.g your family and friends, your health.
  2. Nail art.
    I don't give a fuck about your gender. Have nail art. If you're a guy and think it's too girly then just pick one finger and get something really manly. Like a skull. Or a motorcycle.
  3. Choose Lana Del Rey as your personal savior.
    Again, I think men can benefit from this just as much as women.
  4. Have vices but no addictions.
    It's dope to have some edge/danger in your life but not dope to be dependent on gross things. This is a tricky one because most vices are addictive. This is a balancing act that is dope if you can pull it off.
  5. always do what you want to do. Unless it will hurt someone. That wouldn't be dope.
  6. Be financially responsible but not cheap.
    You only live once. This means you'd be an idiot to waste your money on stupid things (treat this life like it's valuable) but also like don't buy the well scotch because then you're not even living.
  7. Realize that when someone tells you why you wont accomplish something, they're actually telling you why THEY won't accomplish it. YOU can do anything.
    This is corny I know but it's real. It's corny because it's true.
  8. Buy a pack of Archangel Michael cards by Doreen Virtue. Or download the app. Game changer. @sophia @natasha @onlinealison
    Whenever you're not feeling dope, this will put you right back on track.
  9. Read George Saunders, the dopest short story writer of all time.
  10. Avoid Coachella as effectively as is possible for you.
    Coachella is not dope. Sometimes it's hard to avoid, but I advise you to try your best. If you're going to do Coachella, read my list "how to do Coachella in a dope fashion" coming soon.