I. Hate. Coachella. But I think I would like it if I did it just like this.
  1. Get a nice hotel somewhere very close with people you reeaaalllly love and enjoy.
  2. This is the one time it's ok to drink all day and all night. Space it out with water, don't be an idiot, and you're sure to have a lovely, warm time.
  3. Pick three to five acts you want to see each day and go to them. The rest of the time, be in your air conditioned hotel or out by the pool.
  4. Bring a phone charger with you wherever you go.
  5. Never put on clothes.
    This place is hot as hell and such a fashion nightmare. Just wear a bathing suit or be naked who cares.
  6. Get out of there early. Before it's too late.