Or, how to deal with panic attacks.
  1. Get under the blankets.
    It's so safe under there. Your personal cocoon.
  2. Put on firefly lights
    If you don't own firefly lights you should buy some. You can get them at rite aid for like five dollars.
  3. Light candles.
    Similar to firefly lights but also provides warmth and that smell of a burning wick that is so comforting.
  4. Meditate.
    This will either calm your mind, give you perspective, put you into a deep sleep, or all of the above.
  5. Eat ice cream.
  6. Text your best friend.
    Or call if you're really deep in a bad place.
  7. Watch a tv show where nothing bad ever really happens.
    e.g Friends
  8. Watch a tv show where everything bad happens and the world goes on and is still so fucking beautiful.
    e.g Six Feet Under
  9. Take a shower or bath with soaps and salts with soothing smells.
    Alliteration is also happens to be helpful in desperate times of feeling unsafe.
  10. Visit your nearest Tiffany's.
    Nothing very bad can happen at Tiffany's. Bring sunglasses, silk gloves, and a pastry for extra flair.