1. Wake up at 10am
    So early!
  2. Go to starbucks, get a venti iced green tea and a double tall iced caramel macchiato
    You can never have too many caffeinated drinks. Keep going
  3. Go go Rite Aid for new lipgloss
    Do not skip this step it is v important
  4. Work for an hour and a half
  5. Exercise is important. do some yoga in your room while watching The Good Wife
  6. At 2pm, take a nap
  7. At 4pm, when you wake up, go back to Starbucks
  8. Work for another hour
  9. It's 5pm, pour yourself a drink
  10. Work for like 30 more minutes
  11. 6:30 is a great time for a power nap, especially if you're going to go out later
    But let's be real, you're not going to
  12. Get dressed to go over to boyfriend's house
  13. Watch TV with boyfriend
  14. Take xanax
  15. Fall asleep around 10pm.
  16. Congratulations you have minimized your waking hours tremendously. You're welcome.