You might think Tinder is for finding love and sex, but you'd be surprised how many people on there just want to murder you.
  1. He or she only has one photo
  2. He or she only has one photo and that photo is of terrible quality and might even be a photo OF a photo.
  3. He or she doesn't show his or her face in any pictures
  4. All the pictures are JUST of boobs
  5. I've never seen a dick pic on tinder but probably that person wants to murder you
  6. He or she starts talking about fetishes as soon as you match
  7. He or she doesn't really answer any of your questions
  8. He or she is dressed as a clown in profile pic
  9. He or she is using a photo of Kim Kardashian as a profile pic
  10. He or she looks too hot to be on Tinder. If you think "wow he/she could be a model" then it is mad suspect and he/she is probably trying to murder you
  11. Her eyebrows are drawn on with pencil and there are bats in the background
  12. They're newlyweds looking for a cool girl to play with. That is code for a cool girl to murder.
  13. Hello Kitty is involved in some way
  14. "I'm willing to lie about how we met ;)"
    Yeah, lie to the cops, when the police ask if he/she has seen you because you've mysteriously gone missing after a tinder date...
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke