1. Think up a few things you could confidently brag about.
    For example, I might be like "one upon a time no one liked my instagrams but now I never get less than 11 likes." Try to make it rhyme though. Add "thanks, haters." Whenever you can.
  2. On this note, it is good if you can work the way things used to be into your brag.
    Started with a 1994 Volvo, now I got a 2015 prius c. Bitches.
  3. If you were to murder someone/multiple people, how would you do it?
    In other words, figure out your murderer identity. Do you use guns, knives, explosives?
  4. Be specific about just how much money you have in the bank. Also, maybe you have so much money that you don't even keep all of it in a bank. Maybe you line your walls with it. Think outside the box.
  5. What do you love to do in bed? Now is the time to tell the world about it, and don't be afraid to get graphic!
  6. What are your favorite parts of a woman's body? Talk about them as if they are objects. What are her breasts like? Basketballs? Ping pong balls? Don't be afraid to get offensive.
  7. What do you hate about women? Talk about that.
  8. Finally: what makes you better than everybody else? This will be the core of your song so make it good.