I'm going to keep adding to this for a while
  1. My dog Misha. RIP.
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    Him as a puppy. And yeah that says happy birthday Zara because he was my present for my 10th birthday. MISS HIM A LOT
  2. Vermont
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  3. London
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    In case you don't know what London looks like.
  4. My mom
    A little bit. I mean im not a loser she's just in Italy having a fab vacation without me it's no big deal.
  5. Mary Kate and Ashley circa this photo
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    Can you tell which is the tomboy and which is the girly girl?
  6. Doug
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    Nickelodeon Doug, not Disney Doug. @Nicholas and I were talking about this and then coincidentally @CarlosHerrera tweeted about it so it is worth mentioning.
  7. Gak
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    If you didn't have Gak idk what to do with you. I bet @Nicholas had some.
  8. Fire Island
    Where i vacationed as a 4-5 year old and met my first love, Russell. But I dgaf about him I miss the ice cream mostly.
  9. Before @natasha could talk
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    Jk it's great that you can talk 😬
  10. This toy that essentially taught children how to give hand jobs.
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    Whoever invented this had some issues. PS where do you think I could buy one of these?