1. A month ago I bought little votive candles. You know, to practice witchcraft or whatever
  2. But a day later when I went to use them, they were gone. I couldn't find them anywhere in my house. It was a pack of like seven so they can't really be hiding anywhere.
  3. So a week later I got more, but I "misplaced" those ones too.
  4. So literally last week I got a new pack, used three of them. Today those three burnt down to their wicks so I wanted to replace them, but the pack is literally nowhere to be found.
  5. While looking for them, i DID however locate the original pack (which I can identify as the original pack because those were the only pack that were lavender)
  6. What evil forces are at work here?
  7. But actually though, where are my candles? How am I supposed to be a proper witch if I can't ever find my votive candles. Ugh so annoying.