Hi Lamby! I am Ruby. @lenadunham
  1. I am a 4yo labradoodle (28 in dog years) and I love napping.
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  2. I am, apparently, very proud of my jewish heritage.
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  3. Hobbies include: cuddling and posing for selfies.
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  4. Also burrowing under covers.
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  5. One time I met @ConorTripler !!!
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    I'll be even MORE excited when I meet YOU, lamby. No offense conor, but you are human.
  6. Ugh such an embarrassing haircut. Not my fault though.
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  7. Dis me when I was a baby :)
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    Hey mamma Natasha @natasha
  8. So, I know you live in New York and I live in LA but if you're ever over here lets get coffee or go to the park or wrestle or something idk you know whatever. Nbd. God I NEVER ask guys out but you're really cute so here we go! 😳🐶