1. It Takes Two
    One is rich, ones an orphan, neither are happy, they switch places. This is not a movie about twins separated at birth, it's a movie about identical strangers. Mhm.
  2. Winning London
    One is smart, one just wants to have fun, both go to London to partake in Model UN. "Cute" boys, shopping, touristy stuff. Ashley's character has her first kiss IN AN AIR DUCT...at age ten this was the hottest movie scene I had ever watched. Just FYI 80% of this movie was filmed in LA, I would know because I got to watch it be filmed!!!! Mhm. Highlight of life.
  3. Our Lips Are Sealed
    They witness a crime and are put in the witness protection program but keep messing it up and the only place they have left to go is Australia. Really dope film.
  4. Billboard Dad
    They live in Venice with their widower father who is a lonely and pathetic though VERY successful artist. They make a billboard with his face on it telling women he's single. He gets a lot of phone calls. Falls in love with the mother of their sworn enemy. Oh, and they're both on a competitive diving team! Miss this movie.
  5. How The West Was Fun
    They have to stop an old ranch from being converted into a theme park. Fools gold is involved.