Aka American horror story
  1. 9/11
    Second day of 6th grade. I was scared that our school (in Los Angeles) was going to be attacked next. This was the day they chose to have an assembly on gang violence. The auditorium smelled like cherry air freshener.
  2. First kiss
    Ditched volleyball practice to hang out with a boy I had a crush on. He was in a band (!) and had the sexual maturity of a 27 year old. I was in way over my head.
  3. Math teacher telling us about his foot fetish.
    He had a sign covering the clock that said "life is too short, never wish time away" and we thought he was so dope.
  4. Getting slut shamed by my lesbian science teacher in front of everyone.
    "If your skirt were any shorter I would be able to see your vagina. You look like a sunset boulevard hooker." Um, I'm twelve but thanks for this.
  5. The night my friends had a sleepover and used safety pins to cut designs into our arms. The entire john Adams middle school administration flipped out pretty hard. I've been in therapy ever since.
    This was a big misunderstanding. We did not realize what we were doing. It was just like a fun bonding thing that all normal, healthy 12 year olds do........