Add your opinions if you want. I have crazy mixed feelings about this album.
  1. Sometimes I wish that my dick had GoPro, so I could play that shit back in slow mo.
    I'm just trying to understand what part of his penis he wants to fasten the GoPro to. Either way I can't imagine the results being anything worth watching.
  2. I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.
    Let's just clear this up right now. Sure The scene Kanye made when interrupting her at the VMAs added to her buzzworthiness of the moment, but let's be real, she was on stage WINNING OVER BEYONCE. i.e Taylor had more fame than most people could even begin dreaming about way before Kanye was a jerk one time at the VMAs. While we are here let's also clear this up: beyonce did have the best video of all time, Kanye happened to be spot on with this one.
  3. Feel like me and Ray Jay could be friends, if we hadn't loved the same bitch.
    He's really giving the masses all the pop culture references they could ever want in this album. At first I was offended when he called taylor swift a bitch, then I heard THIS lyric and thought oh, well if he even calls his wife a bitch then actually it's not so insulting...women are mostly objects whether they be pop country music stars or the woman you swore to cherish in sickness and in health. They all just bitches.
  4. Extra thought: are kim and Kanye in an open relationship?
  5. Instagram is the best way to promote some pussy.
    There's GOTTA be better ways to do that.
    Suggested by @stephen
  6. And she grabbin on my dick like / she wanna see if it'll fit right
    I wouldn't say outraged, rather impressed by his cockiness. (intended)
    Suggested by @jessicaz
  7. Now if I fucked this model / and she just bleached her asshole / and I get bleach on my T-shirt / Imma fee like an asshole
    Suggested by @Nicholas