And so I will always love the rain.
  1. I always wanted to be a catholic school girl.
    Way before I knew it was sexy. I was six.
  2. @hannah 's dad worked on a commercial where Catholic school kids got on a bus.
    Wish I remembered what the commercial was for.
  3. He brought us back these catholic school girl outfits because I had asked him to.
    I was obsessed. In retrospect the adults must have thought that was odd.
  4. Hannah and I wore them to school one day.
    They were green plaid skirts with red cardigans. The fabric was really stiff and felt terrible/awkward but I loved it.
  5. When the school day was over it started POURING rain and our parents were in a PTA meeting (lol) so we played in the yard, splashing around--really and truly not having a care in the world. Just us alone in an abandoned school yard.
  6. Imagery: There was a bicycle rack we were climbing on, and a mural with kids holding hands in a circle around the world.
  7. I knew as I watched my shoes fill with water and felt the cold getting to my bones that this would stand out for the rest of my life as one of the most purely good moments.