We would:
  1. Get our nails done.
    Long, sharp, sparkling acrylics that could slit your throat if you're not careful.
  2. Rent a convertible and drive up PCH with the top down.
    She'd drive too fast and I'd be scared but feel SO ALIVE.
  3. Lounge by the pool at Chateau Marmont.
    Imagery: glimmering diamond, white bikinis, red nail polish, bright blue ripples, Black Cristal.
  4. Flirt with men old enough to be our grandfathers.
    They're politicians or tycoons, probably. They'll buy us drinks and other nice things.
  5. I'll play guitar while she sings Lou Reed.
  6. We'll get high on hydroponic weed.
    Find out what this is all about.
  7. Play video games.
    A given. I don't even like video games but would be sad if I spent a day with lana and didn't play some.
  8. Ride on the backs of motorcycles.
    No helmets, just faith.
  9. Go to a shooting range.
    I don't know if Lana is into this, but I've always wanted to try it and our acrylic nails would look so good wrapped around a gun.
  10. Take the Pepsi Challenge.
    I prefer Coke but Lana will convert me.
  11. Be young, be dope, be proud.
  12. Bet on horses at the races.
    Win big.
  13. Sunbathe at a riviera.
    Different than sunbathing at chateau because I don't know what a riviera is and am so excited to find out.
  14. Go to Church.
    We ❤️ Jesus.
  15. Try hard not to get into trouble
    A challenge, because we have wars in our minds.
  16. Have a long talk about philosophy.
    I'll rave about the ancient Greeks, she'll refresh my memory on Descartes. @richardabate and anyone who loves philosophy can be there for this part.
  17. Watch a David Lynch film.
    Blue Velvet or Mulholland Drive or both.
  18. Get tattoos. Matching.
    L + Z = ❤️
  19. Play with the idea of being prostitutes, romanticize that life a little bit, then ultimately decide we are above it.
  20. Hitchhike to Kmart.
    This is the portion of the day where we romanticize the dark side of the American Dream.
  21. Go to a secluded malibu beach at sunset, wrap ourselves in blankets to stay warm, smoke opium.
    Neither I nor Lana condone this behavior, but it's a special occasion and we are complicated girls, okay?
  22. Discuss our hopeless devotions to men who didn't need us.
  23. Go to an AA meeting.
    Lana is reportedly sober. We've been drinking and doing drugs all day so this will be good for us.
  24. Fall asleep wrapped in american flags, watching a firework show. Exhausted, never happier.