Requested by @sophia
This is not a complete list.
  1. Ok: gems, designs using gems
  2. Ok: glitter, shimmer, gold dust
  3. Ok: gold studs in any Shape
  4. Ok: Classy patterns
    Plaid, snowflakes, stripes etc etc
  5. Ok: rounded or pointed extensions
  6. Ok: high quality decals
  7. Not ok: cheap decals
  8. Not ok: squared tip extensions
  9. Not ok: names
  10. Not ok: black glitter
    Did this once and my fingers looked like little skateboards. Not cute.
  11. Not okay: pop culture icons
    Even if it's supposed to be ironic. No Disney characters, sorry
  12. Not ok: foods
    Fruit, dessert, pizza. No.
  13. Not ok: marijuana leaves
    Idk why everyone loves doing this. Not classy.