Nail Art That Ive Had, Ranked

In order of least favorite to most favorite. All art by Natalie Minerva.
  1. First you should know: when I have these nails I feel more fully myself than ever. True love for good nail art.
  2. The time I thought the devil was in my nails. These had bad vibes and I kept hurting myself with them.
  3. The time I said "put all the rhinestones on that you possibly can."
  4. The time I chewed my nails to much and it wouldn't have been healthy to put acryllics on them.
  5. The time I thought I'd try to grow out my natural nails.
  6. The time I was a little confused and asked for "witchy but not too dark, shimmery and translucent maybe? And some gold I think??" Worst art director ever. But it turned out nice.
    These are my current nails.
  7. The time I asked for "dark blue and sparkly, and try going longer than normal"
  8. The time I said "starry night meets Art Deco"
  9. The time I wanted to be a ballerina
  10. I don't remember my mind set at this time or what I wanted. But how fucking pretty are these???
  11. The time I wanted clear and lots of gems with a pastel palate.
  12. The time I tried to have her recreate the first time. But she never repeats what she's already done.
  13. The time I had the universe encapsulated in my fingernails.
    This was my first time and still my favorite.