RIP Rabbits
  1. River
  2. Peaches
    Old age. She was my favorite.
  3. Crystal
    Something really fucked up happened I'm not going to write it here.
  4. Fish
    Birth defects. She was one of peaches' babies and was born with no back leg muscles. Overall musculature issues. Sweet bunny.
  5. Mia
    Ran away. Probably still alive out there hopping around the streets. Right?
  6. Blanca
    Just wasn't into it anymore. Died of boredom.
  7. Cupcake
    The vet said my dog have her a heart attack. Opposite of boredom.
  8. Dusty
    Old age. A full seven years of hard living. She was a hardcore rabbit. Another baby of peaches'.
  9. Licorice
    Old old old old old old age. No rabbit has ever lived so long.