1. New pickles. Also known as semi-sour pickles.
    These are the kids that are closest to just being cucumbers. You find them at delis and for some reason not in supermarkets which really kills me.
  2. Dill
    With dill (which I guess is a plant or an herb or a weed or something) added. Also, see Rugrats for tommy pickles' little brother named Dill Pickles.
  3. Spicy
    Horseradish, pepper...
    Suggested by @sloan
  4. Regular
    I don't know, whatever a fully pickled cucumber with no dill is called.
  5. Sweet
    Agh no. Not natural. I don't have space for this in my life.
  6. Jewish Deli Pickles
    I never know what kind of pickles they actually are but they are magic.
    Suggested by @stacymichelle
  7. Kosher garlic pickles aka Jewish pickles
    Suggested by @sarahschussheim
  8. Little French cornichons. So addictive and perfectly crunchy
    Suggested by @aubrey