Go ahead and analyze me. As your own if you'd like.
  1. An italian amusement park where I go on a ride that is essentially like being pushed through a tight and constructive inflatable vagina
    Call Freud pls
  2. A dangerous, gang ruled neighborhood I have to cross through in order to get to my favorite nail salon
  3. An alternative version of disneyland where the alice in wonderland ride is radically different every time (recurring dream)
  4. Mini coachella that happens once a month in an empty lot in LA. Last night in that dream @sophia was there and she gave me chocolate peanut butter pebbles that made us stoned. Lana del rey is always there doing some amazing performance and it's magical
  5. Alternative disneyland has a water park called water land with a massive amount of water rides ...in this dream im always trying to get people to come with me over to the water side.
  6. A newfangled and ultra complicated version of the London tube system where you have to buy tickets in advance and then wait for your name to be called and you have to memorize codes and it's an anxious situation
  7. A part of London where @hannah and I enter a sort of dr Seuss version of Sweden but then we can never find it again for the rest of the dream
  8. A weird club that has appeared so many times I feel like its real. It's three stories and magenta inside with a sort of Moroccan meets neon and disco theme. Everything is dark and pink and mysterious and I've been there a total of at least five times in five diff dreams.
    There's a restaurant downstairs that mostly sells noodles...we often end up there
  9. A road that goes directly from vermont to Los Angeles. It's an iced path that im bobsledding down---except in my old vw bug instead of an actual bobsled
  10. I'll add more as I think of them