1. In the Eloise room at the plaza, designed by Betsey Johnson.
    Have you ever wondered why it's so hard to rent that one? It's because I live in it.
  2. In bottega Louie
    During the day I have a room set up in a back office. After closing time I take the place over as my personal loft.
  3. Sit n' sleep
    So many beds so little time.
  4. Upstairs at the Last Bookstore
    Have you ever had to pay more than a dollar for a book because I haven't.
  5. The black lodge from twin peaks
    I don't WANT to live here but I own a room and haven't been able to lease it so sometimes I just go to get away from it all.
  6. A storage unit
    It's $100 a month so why not? I have a tv and wifi and a little hose that I use for a shower. Everything I need in a metal container.
  7. Christian Grey's Penthouse
    I am against 50 Shades of Gray and everything it stands for, but that doesn't mean this isn't a fun place to live.