1. Breakfast in bed.
  2. Falling back asleep.
  3. Fairfax flea market.
    Strolled around in the drizzle--the vendors were extra eager to sell things before the rain really started falling so everything was cheap. I got a night stand and a necklace and a dress and a children's book by maya Angelou illustrated by basquiat. I also saw one of the prettiest girls ever.
  4. Driving in the rain is one of the favorite experiences. The way the traffic lights blur reflected in my windshield and in the wet pavement. My rainy day playlist 2015: tom t hall, father john misty, sylvan esso, karen o.
  5. Taxes.
    Was dreading this but had fun. This woman's office was super cozy and she treated me like a granddaughter. Felt grateful.
  6. Next stop: my mom's art show.
  7. After that: Magic castle.
    Stay tuned for THAT list.