SPOILERS! But also why haven't you seen it yet??
  1. I related to that guy in the seminar who has dreams about being inside a closed refrigerator.
  2. I hadn't realized just how much Don has been suffering all this time.
  3. And then he finds some small amount of solace for his pain.
  4. He finds this solace and road to recovery at a big sur retreat modeled after Esalen, where Natasha goes every summer (I've been once it's a little overwhelming).
    @natasha has two favorite things: 1. Mad Men and 2. Esalen... The fact that Don ends his anti-hero journey at Esalen was crazy and emotional for that reason. The guy lives in New York for christ's sake.
  5. The show ended according to Agatha Christie's rule that a story should end 1.how you would never expect but 2.also the only way it could have possibly gone.
    Did not expect Don to find spirituality and then create the famous "Id like to buy the world a coke" commercial and yet it's so obviously how it was always meant to be.
  6. We spent so long wondering if Don was going to quit advertising and for a second it seemed like he had. The suggestion that he is both on the path to peace AND comes back swinging for at least one more killer ad created a both/and answer for Don's future that was unexpected and beautiful.
  7. I'd be lying if I said I cried over Betty's immanent death. Her nails just look so good it's hard to be sad for her.