1. Lost in London trying to find a specific neighborhood that I once went to in a previous dream. I can see it but I can't find it.
  2. Lost in an amusement park trying to find a ride I once went on in a previous dream.
    Took writing this out to realize they're the same dream. Or at least definitely related.
  3. Nightmare that I have my previous cell phone and not my current cell phone.
    Example: when I had this dream in 2008 the dream was that I had my old verizon Chocolate vs current verizon voyager.
  4. I'm at a park and I go down a slide and at the bottom I fall into a hole and get buried by sand
    Haven't had this one in years but it used to happen weekly.
  5. I'm chilling in the ocean and everything is great, but out of nowhere the waves start getting gigantic, I try to run up the beach to safety but I don't make it.
    There are a lot of variations on this one. Last night I was in a swimming race on a river and at the very end there were gigantic waves that drowned me.
  6. Scary airplane dreams--normally the airplane is the size of a hotel and I'm worried it isn't safe.
  7. I'm on the titanic.
  8. I'm in an elevator that is going too high and I can't stop it.