1. When a bowling ball is brought back to you via an underground tunnel. I would sooner die than go see that place.
  2. The cockpit of a blimp.
  3. Where bags are stored under an airplane.
  4. Inside a refrigerator.
    It seems nice when you open the door but I would hate to see what type of twisted darkness happens behind those closed doors. I'm serious.
  5. "Kiddy Land"
    Once I was driving through Springfield Massachusetts and saw a decrepit old house with rainbow letters (some falling off) that said "Kiddy Land" and it chilled my soul.
  6. Springfield, Massachusetts.
    No one tells you about this place. It's disconcerting.
  7. The 18th hole of a mini golf course
    Where does the ball go?
    Suggested by @evan
  8. Airport smoking lounges
    Suggested by @kflinn1