Requested by @brooke
I am sleep deprived. I hope this isn't offensive or insensitive.
  1. You callin me a lyre? -OPI
    Adnan hates being called a liar. Especially when he stole money from the mosque. Jay doesn't really like being called a liar either.
  2. Athletes in cleats -OPI
    Adnan was in track and field. POSSIBLY even during the time of Hae's death. If only the coach had taken roll that day.
  3. Chop-sticking to my story -OPI
    I really don't want this to come off as offensive. It's the real name of a nailpolish color and in case you forgot, Adnan is sticking to his story. Still.
  4. Lincoln Park After Dark -OPI
    It's spelled Leakin park but pronounced lincoln park. Where Hae Min Lee's body was found. "If you go to burry a body at leakin park youre going to find someone else's dead body."
  5. The perfect cover up -Essie
    Whoever is guilty tried to come up with a cover up. Regardless of who is guilty of the murder, both are guilty of having ridiculous cover up stories. Far from the perfect cover up. If it turns out Mr S is guilty, than framing Adnan was a pretty good cover up but not perfect.
  6. Where's my chauffeur? -Essie
    Jay needed to borrow Adnan's car to go pick up a present for Stephanie. He wished he had a chauffeur, I bet. Then he couldn't really have been implicated in this whole thing.
  7. Partners in crime -Essie
    Adnan and Jay were partners in crime, that's my final theory. Then Jay got weird about it and blamed it on Adnan.
  8. Urban jungle -Essie
    Baltimore. Where we lay our scene.
  9. Serial shopper -Essie
    Adnan and Jay both went shopping for presents for stephanie and are subjects of the podcast "serial". They are Serial shoppers, if you will.
  10. To buy or not to buy -Essie
    Jay said Adnan called him from a pay phone at best buy and then showed him Hae's body in the Best Buy Parking lot. Turns out there were no payphones at best buy. To best buy or not to best buy. I don't know.
  11. Secret Stash -Essie
    Jay secretly had tons of weed at his grandmas house. Big, criminal amounts.
  12. Besmirched -Zara Nails
    One theory of Sarah Keonig's: Adnan killed Hae because she dumped him and his honor was besmirched. Never forget.