1. Does he have any real friends?
  2. Is he secretly still a virgin?
  3. When he was at the bottom, was there cable there or no?
  4. When he had to share a car with his uncle, was that traumatic?
  5. How did he get to Dagrassi rehearsal?? Did he have to hitch hike? :(
    "It may not mean nothin to y'all, but understand nothing was done for me." Whenever I hear this lyric I imagine him hitch hiking to Degrassi. In a wheel chair.
  6. "Almost drowned in her pussy so I swam to her butt."
    The visual of drake being tiny and drowning in this situation makes me beyond anxious. And sad. And offended.
  7. "How u feel how u feel how u feel? 25 sittin on 25 mil"
    Seems like a pretty high up place to sit I don't want him to fall and get hurt.
  8. "Swimmin in the money come and find me, nemo."
    Noooo Drake! don't get lost like Nemo! Also we love money but you prob don't want to swim through it--it isn't very clean.